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Join a group, travel with like minded people and split the costs!

Shared Tours - Fixed & Flexible Departures

Morocco Trekking Trails is Marrakech-based travel agency with the experience and know-how required to ensure a successful group tour. You can book directly with us and benefit from great savings by joining a group. We organize fully-inclusive group tours, fixed and flexible departure dates. Tours operate all year round. Choose from a Combined tour, a day trip or a Trekking tour.

Are you by yourself, a couple, a small group …? Are you looking for joining a group, meeting new people split the costs, sharing an adventure? You are in the right place. Check our seasonal tours and availabilities, otherwise CONTACT US for bespoke tours & for other inquiries .

We guarantee:

Affordable prices

Quality service

Unique and well-planned itineraries

No hidden costs and no forced shopping

Early bird discounts

Local experienced guides, drivers, and office staff24h/7

The prices below are for groups, minimum participants apply, if it’s less or more, prices may change.

Date Trek/Tour Duration Price P.P Availability Prog/Book now
11/06/19 Toubkal Ascent 2 Days 100€ 6 details Join
Every day Valleys trek 2 Days 80€ 8 details Join
31/07/19 Toubkal Ascent 2 Days 90€ 8 details Join
Every Day Fes-Desert-Marrakech 3 Days 200€ 4 details Join
Every 3days Fes-Desert-Marrakech 3 Days 200€ 8 details Join
28/05 & 06/05/19 Sahara Trek 6 Days 298€ 12 details Join
15/09/19 Sahara Trek 6 Days 260€ 8 details Join
Every Day Agafay Desert 1 Day 52€ 4 details Join
07/08/19 Toubkal Ascent 2 Days 90€ 08 details Join
02/05/2019 Toubkal Ascent 2 Days 90€ 08 details Join
Every day Trek valleys 4 Days 116€ 08 details Join
20/08/2019 Toubkal Ascent 2 Days 90€ 08 details Join
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